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Sharing our passion with the new generations

Jan, 2018

For TW Group it is important to foster relationships with the world of Trade Schools and Universities.

TW Logistics. Pamplona Warehouse

For TW Group it is important to foster relationships with the world of Trade Schools and Universities. Their collaboration, together with small tailored companies and start-ups, represents a good help when it comes to anticipating solutions and acting quickly in the face of the current market changes.

A few days ago New Technologie’s students from the Cuatro Vientos Center (Accredited Trade School) visited our company in Pamplona (Spain). An interesting profile for us who were pioneers in implementing the concept of logistics in the cloud.

Firstly, we prepared a visit to one of our warehouses to show them that they are essential for the digital transformation that companies are currently experiencing: processes, maintenance... and a field in which our IT Department is investing a good part of the resources: Cybersecurity.

TW Automotive. Assembly Line.

After that, we went to the headquarters in Pamplona where we showed them one of the projects that the TW Automotive division is developing for its expansion in the USA. An Automated Plant for the assembly and sequencing of wheels from a Premium brand. A plant with intelligent robots and advanced software that also needs specialized technicians.

TW Automotive. Picking and Automated Truck Loading on Sequence in Delivery

As always, before we say goodbye, we dedicated some quality time to talk and listen to these students. Because if something is clear to us, in a company like ours which competes with multinationals and has high-quality customers in terms of quality commitments, is that technology should be available to everyone. What makes us different and competitive are the people who are part of TW Group. Their insight, commitment, perseverance and passion. And this can only be found, when you approach them and listen.

Carlos Llonis, CEO-NAR TW Automotive, bidding farewell to the group of students of the Cuatro Vientos Training Center

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